Author Lecture Series at the Hercules Public Library

    On the third Tuesday of each month at 7 P.M., the Hercules Library Foundation and the Friends of the Hercules Library sponsor our city's unique Author/Lecture Series.  These fundraisers for the library feature accomplished authors and speakers, such as novelist Margaret Lucke, who recently captivated her home-town audience by tales of her intriguing experiences in writing her latest work, House of Whispers

   Admission is free and open to the public.

   Below: Examples of Presenters

  Author: Samantha Le

Author: John Hamamura

Photo: Permission from Author

   Little Sister Left Behind

      Color of the Sea

For a schedule of upcoming presenters in the series click here.

The Hercules Public Library, 109 Civic Drive, Hercules, California

Author: Margaret Lucke                    House of Whispers

Photo: Charlie Lucke

Author: Deborah Santana Space Between the Stars  Author: Ayelet Waldman   Bye, Bye Black Sheep